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Make Your Christmas Party Unique

M&M'S Personalized Christmas

When it comes to Christmas parties, are you thinking, “been there, done that?” Like the ugly Christmas sweater fashion show or the traditional veggies and dip platter? Allow us to spark your imagination with one-of-a-kind ideas for your next holiday gathering.

Give your holiday candy dish a personalized M&M’S makeover.

M&M’S are always a Christmas favorite. (Especially Red and Green). But you’ll make your party even sweeter with personalized M&M’S. You can add custom Christmas messages, holiday clip-art images, or your favorite yuletide photo to make them unique.

Select classic Christmas colors or give you party a touch of holiday pizzazz with sparkling silver or glittering gold colors.

Create a festive M&M’S candy bar.

Whether you’re having an intimate holiday gathering with family and friends, throwing a large party for your co-workers or leaving a “thank you” treat for Santa -- personalized M&M’S will definitely spread the holiday cheer.

Think of a candy buffet as a gift everyone can share. Let your imagination fly. Create a “candy village” with a layer of cotton snow and “old candy shops” filled with personalized M&M’S. Personalize with the names of your favorite holiday characters like Rudolf and Frosty or holiday clip-art like trees and candy canes.

Personalized candy ornament party favors

A Christmas ornament favor tree will delight your guests. Just find an assortment of clear plastic ornaments – like balls, stars, or light bulbs, fill them with personalized M&M’S candies and hang them on a small tree.

You can create a custom blend of holiday colors or personalize with festive holiday messages. For smaller, intimate parties, you can add a small gift tag for each guest.

An M&M’S twist for the holiday gift exchange.

Holiday gift swaps are holiday party tradition. But why not surprise your guests with something unique? Instead of drawing names, have them draw from a special bowl of personalized M&M’S. The unique clip-art, messages, and photo they select matches to a tag on each of the gifts. Hint: Personalized M&M’s also make a great party gift.

M&M’S and you -- the recipe for an unforgettable Christmas party.

Looking for other fun party ideas? A bag of your favorite M&M’S can go a long way. Whether you love the classic milk chocolate or flavors like peanut butter or caramel, you can create lots of mouthwatering M&M’S holiday recipes. Think soft cookies or bars, candy canes, cupcakes, or chocolate peppermint fudge. You’ll want to make these recipes your new holiday tradition.

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