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  • Surprise! It’s so easy to turn M&M’S into party gifts and favors
    You’ll be surprised (and so will the birthday guest of honor) with just how many fun ways you can customize M&M'S to create a stunning party atmosphere with unique birthday gifts, decorations, and party favors. Did someone say, “eye candy?” ...Read More
  • Circus birthday party theme with party favors
    Don’t think favors. Think one-of-a-kind little gifts for everyone
    Your guests deserve a special birthday gift too. Personalized M&M’S make memorable birthday party favors. Select from an assortment of unique tins or personalized party favor packs featuring M&M’S characters with a clear window revealing the delicious treats inside. ...Read More
  • Cake decoration with personalized M&M’S
    Impressing your guests is a piece of cake
    Just add personalized M&M’S to the mix. Blend colors and fun photos of the birthday gal or guy to create a one-of-a-kind masterpiece. But take that photo first, because this treat won’t last for long. ...Read More
  • Sweet 16 personalized birthday party with M&M’S
    Make her “Sweet 16” celebration even sweeter
    Get inspired with Sweet 16 party themes that reflect her tastes. Fill numeral candy dishes with delectable M&M’S with your choice of up to 3 colors. Go splashy and colorful or make it stylishly fun with a cool monochromatic look. Either way, she'll love it. ...Read More
  • Make a tasteful splash at your daughter’s Quinceañera
    Your daughter’s Quinceañera should be as unique and special as her. You can personalize M&M’S with beautiful colors to match her dress or party theme. Place them into stylish containers to create unique keepsakes for family and guests. ...Read More
  • Fun birthday party décor ideas
    Add Some Personality to Your Party
    Add personalized M&M'S to the birthday party guest list and you’ve got a party-goer everyone loves. Place custom M&M'S into fun boxes, tins, or transparent bags tied to create unique and memorable birthday party favors. ...Read More

Personalized M&M'S. Your birthday wish came true.

What is it about birthdays that bring out the smiles? Maybe it’s the sight of the B-day gal or guy blowing out the candles and making a wish. Our guess is that they’re wishing for the delicious taste of M&M'S candies. Nailed it. Now the only thing sweeter would be the gift of personalized M&M'S.

You pick the fun colors, add special greetings, party-themed clip art, and your favorite photo of the birthday hero. And the fun doesn’t stop there. Personalized M&M'S also make unforgettable birthday favors and one-of-a-kind decorations. So let the grins begin. Don’t you wish you could celebrate every day?