The next baby shower is coming up and you're still missing the right birth gift for the mother? Our ideas for the next baby shower are already on the way.

Personalised M&M'S® & Mums-to-be

The birth is a very special moment for parents-to-be - an experience that they will remember forever. So how about a personalised gift they can enjoy immediately? Put together a little care package of M&M'S with a personal touch for the parents.

Find the right colours

There are 20 very special colours to choose from for your new parent gift. It doesn't always have to be pink or blue. Every child is unique and colours don't have to be assigned to a gender. How about yellow or green? The M&M'S also look extra festive in gold or silver. You can choose from the entire rainbow. Add matching clipart hearts or the mother-to-be's favourite photos and the baby gift is ready.

Wrapping new parent gifts the right way

Chocolates with the baby's face and date of birth are a guaranteed success at any baby shower. However, to really round off the birth gift for the mother, the packaging has to be perfect. Fill our personalised M&M'S into a small jar and add a name and a short message.

Or bring some for all the guests at the baby shower! Fill the M&M'S from the bulk pack into small bags. That way, everyone can snack during the party and still have a little memento to take home.

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